5 Steps to Create Ambassadors Out of Your Competitors (Workshop)

How to profit off your competitors’ business, and make them work for you!

In my upcoming workshop, 5 Steps to Building Ambassadors, the Contrarian Way, I’m going to share with you the simple, yet unconventional inspiration that allowed me to make an extra $26,000 of revenue in my first week of implementing it.  All derived directly from the customers that my competitor was eager to give me.

This one day course is all about getting other businesses in your industry to champion your product and become a lead generating machine, for you!  Best of all, you’ll be learning how to leverage their trusted reputation to convert those leads into CASH nearly 100% of the time.

This workshop is covered in my book that I have co-authored with Brian Tracy which will soon be available for sale to the public.

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There’s no secret here. Just common sense but uncommon knowledge, tactics and strategies that anyone can learn.  Once you understand and implement the set of solid business principles backing this technique, your mindset will change and the system will work harder than even you!

I’ve trained bankers, mortgage brokers, renovators, and even property managers in this process, and they all saw amazing results after implementing it. Can your business improve on lead generation, customer conversion, sales, and industry leadership?

 I’m so confident in this course, that if at the end of the workshop you’re not convinced you’ve learned anything useful to your business, I will gladly refund your ticket price.

 So join us on June 20th! Come learn the 5 key aspects of bringing competitors onto your team AND instilling yourself as their number one referral, go-to expert, and problem solver. The workshop is fast approaching, and already booking up fast, so don’t wait to register!

 Bonus: How to hire and retain the most talented employees for almost next to nothing, while giving them fulfillment in intern positions (to start).

Call today to enroll at (604)726-7878 and reserve your spot!

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As a sign of my appreciation, you can download the first few chapters of my book by clicking -> FREE E-Book

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Sua Truong helps alleviate stress for his clients throughout the challenging process of financing their property so that they can enjoy their life and focus on their family or their business.  His integrity is the cornerstone of what he does and why he has been so successful in such a short period of time as a mortgage broker.  In just under 4 years, he has become the #1 Mortgage Broker in his community.  He currently trains other mortgage brokers in all aspects of residential and commercial financing so that they too can become the #1 Go-To Financing Expert in their community.


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