How to Double Your Income and Work Less With Commercial Financing

Commercial Financing Mastery: Fast Track Program – Helping you double your income and work less with commercial financing.

“Everything you wanted to know about financing commercial properties but didn’t know whom to ask.” – Sua Truong

Who is Sua Truong?

I am the son of an immigrant refugee that fled Vietnam in 1980 when the Communist took over the South. We lost everything when we fled to Thailand.  Our family lived in a refugee camp for nearly a year until fate smiled upon us when a Christian family sponsored us to start a new life in Canada.

My father worked long hours to make ends meet.  His work ethic inspired me to what I do today.  Work hard, work smarter and focus on making a difference in other people’s lives.

Although my love was in computer technology, my passion has always been about helping people.  I take great joy and feel on purpose when I can make a difference!

Due to an unfortunate event with Eron Mortgage scandal in which I was a victim, I made a career change from the computer industry to financial services.

I wanted to learn everything that I could in this industry so that neither I nor my loved ones would ever become a victim again.

It turns out that I enjoy helping others and prevent them from making similar mistakes.

I became a mortgage broker in the fall of 2010.  At that time there were 20+ Mortgage Brokers serving a very small community that I was a part of.

I was the rookie!  Oh joy!

However, within four short years of winning over many clients and colleagues in the community, I became the #1 mortgage broker there.

I have recently published a book detailing my journey and sharing my success story in “Confessions of a Bank Financier“.

Confession of a Bank Financier-2d

The following year, I was fortunate to be offered an opportunity to co-author my second book with Brian Tracy titled “Uncommon – Common Sense but Uncommon Knowledge…”

Uncommon - Co-author Brian Tracy - small
(All royalties from this book are given to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating unique launch campaigns to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.)

Here are some of my passions projects in the community:

Why did I create this workshop?

I am a big believer that a broker is the best choice that the consumer could possibly have in helping people with their financing.

However, with so much information available to the public in regards to residential mortgages, I saw that a Mortgage Broker’s job was losing it’s value.

In my humble opinion, if you’re only doing residential financing, you’re just a glorified application taker for the lenders.

We tell our clients that we can negotiate for them but in reality we are pawns to the lenders’ products or guidelines.  Take it or leave it.

The secret is out, Residential Mortgage Brokers do not actually have the power to negotiate the rates!

Buying down rate is not the same.  You don’t have to agree with me but think about it.  We’re just pawns in this game.

I strongly believe that price is an issue only in the absence of value.  Learn to create value!

What better way to create value than filling an untapped need?


Here’s the opportunity that I discovered:

  • This group of consumer is sadly under-served (less than 2% of mortgage brokers offer commercial financing)

  • Lack of of information or guides available online for do-it-yourself commercial financing

  • Not every bank lender can finance all types of property and most business are turned away

  • Absolutely no interest rates posted anywhere (which means the consumer is at a disadvantage)

  • The interest rate a.k.a. “pricing” that a client receive is directly related to how busy or lack of business that a commercial account manager has!

How would a consumer know who to call, where to go and when?   Would someone working for one lender tell a potential client that the other bank has better “pricing”?

Absolutely not!The house always win

Base on anecdotal evidence of clients that I have met in the past that had financed their commercial property by themselves, they received much higher rates with heavier requirements than I would have negotiated for them.

Even worse, no advice or very little advice was given on how to properly structure their purchase for financing!!

Tax or liability consequences are not the responsibility of a bank manager.

How could they? 30 minutes to an hour meeting with a bank manager is not sufficient to discuss all of that.

It came as a BIG SHOCK to me.

Why aren’t Mortgage Brokers helping these people???

Commercial financing is not rocket science.  At least not from my perspective.

My background was from business financing and it did not occur to me that not every mortgage broker knew what I knew.

For me it was easy to read company financial statements and make sense of it all.

A great philosopher once said,  “Those who understand and have knowledge can take advantage of things. Those who don’t end up paying for them.”

In commercial financing, I help tip the scale of balance back in favour of the consumer.


Here’s what I offer in regards to commercial financing:

  • I know the market rates

  • I know the competition

  • I know which lender prefers what type of property to finance

  • I know how they will undercut their competitors to gain those business

  • I can truly provide the power of negotiation!

I  provide expert knowledge and access to other expert professionals.

Do you want to give your clients an UNFAIR Advantage against the bank?

Read further…

Who is this Commercial Financing – Fast Track program for?

If you were like me, I used to think that:

  • commercial financing was too difficult and take too long

  • commercial financing was out of my league, I know nothing

  • I don’t know how to convince my clients to pay all those fees!

If this is how you feel whenever you hear about financing commercial properties, then you need to enroll!

Yes, YOU!


3 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Enroll:

  • You will be paid 2 to 3 times more and  your client will no longer be at the mercy of the bank.

  • You will feel empowered because you can negotiate terms, rates and conditions on commercial deals – unlike residential.

  • You will become a well-rounded Go-To Expert in Financing instead of only being a glorified residential mortgage application taker.

Here’s what you lose out on by NOT capitalizing on commercial financing:

  • Chance of doubling your commission on each file compared to a residential mortgage

  • Paid a minimum of $2500 on even small deals under $100,000 mortgage

  • Opportunity to finance everything that is NOT residential including sourcing unsecured loans

  • Get bank managers to refer you business! (nearly every bank and credit union have sent me business!)

  • Have other mortgage brokers from DLC/Verico/MA/Invis refer you business


Don’t want to lose all those opportunities?

Just reserve your seat today for only $99!

No need to pay for the full course up front. 

Invest in myself

This offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Only if you are truly happy with what you learned.  After the first workshop, the remainder of your tuition is due.  


3 Huge Benefits that you will gain from the workshop:

  1. More opportunities available to you than just chasing new home buyers

    • Investors buy when the economy sinks: business and properties go on sale at discount

    • Investors buy when the good time hits: rents and revenues go up

    • Financing is based on 100% common sense, strictly on numbers, not rolling the dice or the ever-changing regulatory rules

  2. Be treated like a VIP by colleagues and competitors alike plus you can attract referrals from your competitors!

  3. Reduce advertising cost to almost nothing and double your referrals!


What you will get out of this workshop:

  • Knowing how to finance everything from retail space, office, industrial and even residential files that could not get financed in the broker channel

  • Access to my Black Book of lenders and their direct contact details

  • Access to our private Online community of Commercial Financing Experts to ask questions/request assistance

  • Access to all my templates and agreements (made for you and customizable)

  • Increase your earning potentials by 200 percent or more!


Your investment in this workshop:

This is a two weekend workshop that runs from Saturday to Sunday.  It is covered over 2 weeks long and up to 15 hours in total.

If you are not fully committed to the entire two day event (each week) and do your homework, this is not for you.

This course is only for those that are serious about changing their financial future and becoming the Go-To Financing Expert in their community.


Here’s what some of my coaching student have earned:

A. Coultish earned $4,485 in gross commission on financing $224K mortgage!

W. Reinsma earned $8,250 net on her first commercial deal.  Her 2nd deal earned her $15,750 in net commission!

D. Monteith earned $19,150 in gross commission on his first deal.

R. Klein earned him $15,000 net commission on his first deal!

C. Rodriguez earned him $5,775 on his first deal on a small $288K mortgage

 As you can see, you can pretty much make more than your money back on your first deal or two.

Disclaimer: These are only examples and do not constitute any guarantees that you will achieve similar results.  Your effort and attitude will determine your results.

Here’s what some of my students had to say about the Commercial Financing Fast Track program:

This offer comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you feel that the knowledge gained from this program would not benefit you, I will gladly refund you the money.

Simple as that.  This is my personal guarantee.

Click below to reserve your seat for the next training session.

Limited seating.  Reserve your seat, ENROLL NOW for only $99!  

Pay only if you are satisfied!

Invest in myself

What’s the value of this workshop to you?

The value of the workshop is worth over $100,000 to me but I know you may not have that much to invest yet.

You are in LUCK!

I am currently recording and building the online training program.

Once I complete my online training program, this live training program will increase to $14,997

For a limited time, I am offering this program at an introductory price.  Your one time investment is only $4,997

You can pay the full amount or in 2 equal payments.

Payments can be made at the bottom of this page or bring a cheque to the workshop.

You might be asking yourself, Sua, if you can make so much money doing this, why teach others the secret?

Yes, I could spend  those hours making big money on another commercial deal.

 I do it because:

  • there is a big void of mentorhsip in our industry and I like to give back to the community that has given me so much

  • I don’t like to see clients paying the price for a broker’s lack of knowledge or experience

  • if more Brokers know what I know, it will elevate our industry and it indirectly elevates our status as a “Mortgage Broker” – that’s you & me!


Debt Financial freedom options I strongly feel that anyone that is completely competent in financing SHOULD make 6 figures in our industry.

Making $100,000 is easier than you think!

The only thing that is holding most people back is their thinking.

I am here to help you change that.

You can say I am doing this for almost nothing.

You may ask WHY the HECK are you doing this for for almost nothing?  Is Sua Crazy?

Perhaps.  If you think you’re not crazy, you’re in the wrong profession.

What’s crazier than getting paid tons of money for lending out OTHER people’s money???


If it makes you feel better because you feel that the course was worth 100 times that much;

I’ll be more than happy to accept any donations above the tuition and donate it to:  Kiva.orgKiva


Here’s what I know about life, most of you will complete this workshop and still say:

  • I still think commercial financing is too difficult and take too long

  • I can’t remember all of this content to be able to apply it confidently

  • I still don’t feel that I can convince my clients to pay all those fees!

Guess what, I’ll refund your money if you feel it was of no value to you.

You can still refer the commercial business to me or any of the other students that are competent and confident.

You GET PAID for doing almost NOTHING.

You can also become one of our Ambassador referral partners.

You get paid for just referring their name and you get to retain that client.

Your clients win big, you win and I win.  Win-Win-Win for everyone.


Are you ready to massively grow your business?  

Click below to reserve your seat for the next training session.

Limited seatings so reserve your seat today for only:


Invest in myself


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