Most People Have the Wrong Types of HELOC and They Don’t Know It

Most people have a HELOC that may be causing them to lose opportunities, costing them time or money and are oblivious to it. So, you have a house with equity and you want to access that equity. The best thing that you can do is to get a home-equity line of credit (HELOC). Although you […]

The NEXT Commercial Financing SuperStars – Coming Soon to Your Neighbourhood!

Another labour of love is my 4 day course to teach Residential Mortgage Brokers the complexity of Commercial Financing. Do you want to know how to be successful at Commercial Financing in a short period of time?  My Commercial Financing Mastery: Fast Track Program does just that! Everything that you were afraid to ask or don’t know, all compressed […]

Life Hacks: How to Optimize Your Life & Be More Efficient

As a busy professional mortgage broker, trainer, author and public speaker, time is a rare commodity for me.  Free time is a luxury. I am always looking for new ways to leverage my time to be more productive or more efficient in doing things. Technology has helped made us less efficient (social media and emails) but every now […]

5 Simple Strategies to Become a Rockstar in Commercial Financing

Sure, commercial financing is a great gig.  You get “rockstar” status from industry peers and you make a lot more money. Fantastic!  Let’s jump right in why don’t we? Woah horsey! Hit that PAUSE button for a second. Why?  Let’s take a breather and give me a few seconds to explain. Whenever I meet a mortgage specialist […]

Top 10 Commercial Financing Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

For most business borrowers, the use of inexperienced business finance advisors or just any mortgage broker that happens to “dabble” in commercial financing will be a mistake that can potentially have enormous consequences. It is my hope that you do not make any of the mistakes (from the following list below) that some business owners and real […]

Myths of Commercial Financing That Even Fools the Veterans!

I love the TV show Mythbusters and enjoy watching them at their work.  It’s quite inspiring at how much effort they put into dispelling myths.  So many things people believe as factual when in reality it is false.  False beliefs.  It seems that every industry have their myths and the financial industry has their fair […]

Better Than PayDay Loans

Since the American financial fallout, there has been a lack of secondary lenders in the market to help people with short term unsecured financing.  Wells Fargo went back home to the USA, TDFS Financial Services and others like them closed their doors.   Other than loan sharks or “payday loans” company which we can put […]

How to Buy Foreclosure Properties Without Losing Your Shirt!

All those reality TV have shown how you can make a quick buck by buying foreclosed properties.  Just remember, what you see on TV is not always what happens in real life, even if it is “Reality TV”! Few key things to keep in mind so that you don’t end up losing your own house […]

Commercial Financing Disaster Prevention

There are many reasons why most mortgage brokers avoid Commercial Financing.  I hope to change that by helping you to understand it better and that it shouldn’t be all scary.  It can be a lot of fun! Commercial financing is a big unknown to probably 98% of mortgage brokers out there.  It is my hope to […]

Why Successful Business or Partnerships Eventually Fail?

Who the heck starts a business or partnership and plans to fail?  Nobody does but most will fail because they never planned for the eventual success either.  This involves succession planning strategies to be a part of the long term business plan – it’s not always about business or is it? For majority of people, […]