How to Become a Commercial Financing Expert Fast!

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Learn In A Weekend How to Easily Double Your Income By Tapping Into Profitable Commercial Financing


For residential mortgage brokers and real estate professionals who want to increase their income but have felt that Commercial Financing is too complicated, Commercial Financing – Fast Track is a two-day boot camp that will teach you everything you need to know, fast.


“Isn’t commercial financing complicated to get into”?

Maybe you think that commercial financing is an area that is too difficult to get into and takes too long to learn. You may think that commercial financing is beyond you, that you could never pick it up. You may even think that you couldn’t convince your clients to pay the high fees.

That’s exactly how I used to feel. But now that I’ve been through the learning process and have an understanding of how it works I can say, there is an easier way to learn everything you need to know. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, you need to enroll.

Commercial Financing – Fast Track Program

What you will get from this training:

  • How to finance residential files that could not get financed in the broker channel
  • How to finance everything from retail space, office, industrial, development land and even unsecured loans
  • How to access every commercial bank and non-bank lenders (in Canada and USA)
  • How to position yourself to receive referrals from bank lenders
  • How to become your community’s Go-To Expert for all financing!


This course is specially designed for you, if YOU are serious about changing YOUR financial future and becoming the Go-To Financing Expert in YOUR community!

This program was specifically designed for anybody that feels Commercial Financing is out of their reach. I’ve seen new brokers and veteran brokers alike feel this way.

When they are approached about a commercial financing deal one of two things happens:

  1. They feel uncomfortable and decline the opportunity. They miss out on a lot of revenue that could have been theirs
  2. They are gung-ho and jump on the opportunity, hoping for the best, but not really knowing what they are doing

Each situation ends up with less than ideal results. In the first situation, by avoiding the opportunity, they lose out on that deal as the enquirer just finds someone else to help them.

The second situation is potentially more dangerous as you risk your reputation as the process becomes challenging and you don’t have the knowledge to handle it.

The final result is less than what the client expected. You lose your reputation and any potential for future deals.

There wasn’t much that you could have done until now…


Now you can learn Commercial Financing in a weekend!

This is why I put together the Commercial Financing : Fast Track Program.

It is an intensive two day workshop to teach you all about Commercial Financing.

It is a training program unlike any other. In fact, I am the only person currently offering this type of unique training.

I have taken all of my experience in the world of Commercial Financing to develop a training program that will get you up to speed quickly, and give you the confidence of going out and making your first deal.


A program that was years in the making

I am a big believer that finding a great broker is the best choice possible for the consumer to help with financing.

However, with so much information available to the public in regards to residential mortgages, I found that a Mortgage Broker’s job is steadily losing value.

The trend with residential financing means that agents are becoming glorified application takers for the lenders.

We tell our clients that we can negotiate for them but in reality we are at the mercy of the lender’s products or guidelines. Take it or leave it.

I didn’t like that.  So I looked for a better way.


Here is the opportunity that I discovered:

  • There is currently a lack of information available for do-it-yourself commercial financing
  • Not every bank lender can finance all types of property and most business is turned away
  • Absolutely no interest rates are posted anywhere, leaving the consumer in the dark
  • Commercial mortgage brokers charging 3 to 5% or more on each deal
  • Less than 2% of mortgage brokers offer commercial financing, meaning it is an underappreciated opportunity

Businessman Wearing Cape

This represented a huge opportunity!

I knew that if you are able to understand the ins-and-outs of commercial financing, and can create value for the consumer by helping them through the process, you will be well rewarded financially.

So, in the first few years as a mortgage broker, I learned everything I could about Commercial Financing and began achieving great success with it immediately.

I met many residential mortgage brokers over the years and it struck me that the majority of them had little or no knowledge of Commercial Financing.

I decided then that it was my mission to educate my brethren about this field so that they too can become financing experts.

I took all that I had learned over the 4+ years and packaged it into a two-day bootcamp where others could quickly learn how to take advantage of this opportunity.


Everything you need to know about Commercial Financing

In two days I cover everything you need to know about Commercial Financing to feel confident in going out and increasing your earning potential.

It may seem daunting from the outside looking in, I know that I certainly felt that way, but once everything is explained to you, it really is simple.

In fact, many of my students have gone on to achieve notable success:

  • A. Coultish earned $4,485 in commission (50% split) on financing $224K mortgage!
  • W. Reinsma earned $8,250 net on her first commercial deal. Her 2nd deal earned her $15,750 in net commission! (50% split)
  • D. Monteith earned $19,150 in net commission on his first deal.
  • R. Klein earned him $15,000 net commission (50% split) on his first deal!
  • C. Rodriguez earned him $5,775 on his first deal on a small $288K mortgage

I am Ready to Make Money in Commercial Financing

Disclaimer: These are only examples of real life students and do not constitute any guarantees that you will achieve similar results.  Your effort and attitude will determine your results.


For many students, the first deal more than recoups the money invested in this course.

All deals after that are pure profit, and those benefits continue for the remainder of your life.

Plus, you will enjoy these additional benefits:

  • You will be able to achieve an income potential which is 2 to 3 times what you currently earn and your clients will no longer be at the mercy of the bank.
  • You will be left with a feeling of empowerment because you can negotiate terms, rates and conditions on commercial deals – unlike residential.
  • You can become a well-rounded Go-To Expert in financing and will be able to make a bigger difference in your community.


Sua full standing with pink tieWho is Sua Truong?

I am the son of an immigrant refugee that fled Vietnam in 1980 when the Communists took over the South. We lost everything when we fled to Thailand. Our family lived in a refugee camp for nearly a year until fate smiled upon us and a Christian family sponsored us to start a new life in Canada.

My father worked long hours to make ends meet.  His work ethic inspired me to what I do today. Work hard, work smart and focus on making a difference in other people’s lives.

Although my interest was originally in computer technology, I discovered that my passion was to help people. I take great joy and feel on purpose when I can make a difference!

When I fell victim to the Eron Mortgage scandal, I decided to take things into my own hands and made a career change from the computer industry to financial services. I wanted to learn everything that I could in this industry so that neither I nor my loved ones would ever become a victim again.

I became a mortgage broker in the fall of 2010.  At that time there were 20+ Mortgage Brokers serving a very small community that I was a part of. However, within four short years of winning over many clients and colleagues in the community, I became the #1 mortgage broker there.

Now I mentor and train other mortgage brokers at MortgagesLab Financial on a weekly basis to help them achieve the success I have. I help inspire and mentor potential leaders at MoneyMasters Toastmasters (Past President). I organize and teach at Synergy Real Estate Network (SREN), the largest Real Estate Investment club in the Lower Mainland.


I also participate in a whole range of passion projects in my community, including:

  • Writing articles to our community newspaper & Linked-in Pulse
  • Training other professionals at the local Re/Max real estate office
  • On-Call Financing Expert for Fairchild Radio Vancouver
  • Guest speaker on I Love Mortgage Brokering Podcast by Scott Peckford
  • Contributor to the ILMB Facebook group to help other brokers


Not satisfied with sharing my knowledge in one-on-one coaching sessions and small groups, I published two books. Further sharing my knowledge and my success so that others can do the same.

The first was self published in 2015,
“Confessions of a Bank Financier“
Confession of a Bank Financier-2d
The second was co-authored book with Brian Tracy,“Uncommon – Common Sense but Uncommon Knowledge…”Uncommon - Co-author Brian Tracy - small


Once you complete the training, YOU will be able to:

  • Finance residential files that could not get financed in the broker channel
  • Finance everything from retail space, office, industrial, development land and even unsecured loans
  • Gain access to every commercial bank and non-bank lenders (in Canada and USA)
  • Position yourself to receive referrals from bank lenders
  • Position yourself as your community’s Go-To Expert Financier


Few words from recent attendees (click to view):

Toma Sojonky, 20 years veteranToma Sojonky 2 Amir Boutorabi, 1st year brokerAmir-boutorabi Joe Mendel, 15 years veteranJoe Mendel


When you sign up today you get these additional bonuses:

BONUS #1 – Access to my Real Estate Networking group and Roadmap to build your own center of influence (value: $2,500)

BONUS #2 – Access to all of my templates and agreements. They are easily customizable and can be adapted for your use (value: $2,500)

BONUS #3 – Access to my personal black book list of lender contacts (value: $5,000)

BONUS #4 – Access to the monthly Commercial Financing Mastermind (value: $6,000)

BONUS #5 – Access to me personally for ongoing mentorship for the following 6 months (value: $20,000)


You will gain the following knowledge on commercial financing:

  • know what the market rates and pricing is
  • know who the competitions are
  • know which lenders prefer which type of property to finance
  • know how to get them to undercut their competitors to gain your business
  • know that you can truly provide the power of negotiation


To begin making deals that could earn you up to $20,000 on just your first deal, like it did for D. Monteith, sign up for the course now.

The full price for the course is $4,997 but you can reserve your seat today for just $99 today (remainder of tuition is required at the workshop).

I am Ready to Make Money in Commercial Financing

This offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


An UNBEATABLE, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee that by taking this course, you’ll understand the world of commercial financing and have more opportunities to earn a fantastic living than ever before.

I can’t guarantee you the exact success of my other students (up to $20,000 earned on the first deal). I’d be suspicious of anyone who could promise that. This is a challenging process and your attitude and perseverance will dictate your results. You still have to do the work.

If you’re not amazed at the quality of this training, I’ll refund 100% of your money. I personally developed this training and I take responsibility for it.


The next training date is:Feb / 18-19 / 2016

We start promptly at 10AM and end at 6PM

The next training will take place at:#108 – 4370 Dominion St , Burnaby , BC


Feedback from recent students at the Commercial Financing Fast Track course:

This offer comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you feel that the knowledge gained from this program would not benefit you, I will gladly refund you the money.

Simple as that.  This is my personal guarantee.

Limited seating.  Reserve your seat for only $99!  

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I am Ready to Make Money in Commercial Financing

*The remaining fee of $4,898 is required on the first day of bootcamp.

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