Survey after survey shows that presentation skills are critical to success in the workplace. World-Class Speakers can help you lose the fear of public speaking and learn skills that will help you be more successful in your career or your business.

Benefits of becoming a member:

• Learn how to immensely improve your listening skill
• Learn to communicate more effectively
• Learn how to give constructive feedback
• Learn how to create impromptu speeches
• Network with like-minded professionals
• Learn leadership skills

World-Class Speakers - where leaders are made.

This is where leaders are made.


Just ordinary people with extraordinary dreams and aspirations.

Toastmasters are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams and aspirations.

Face the fear of public speaking in our safe environment!


• Improve your analytical skills
• Improve your ability to motivate and persuade
• Improve your presentation skills
• Increase your leadership potential
• Increase your confidence & become a competent communicator
• Reach your professional and personal goals

Here is YOUR opportunity to:

  • Expand your comfort zone – what you want is outside the comfort zone and we can help.
  • Learn and grow as a speaker – to help build your confidence and self esteem
  • Learn to become a great listener – we’re born with 2 ears and 1 mouth but don’t use them accordingly
  • Practice leadership skills – we are all born with them, some requires a bit of coaxing
  • Network with local professionals – don’t be a secret, let others know what you do
  • Gain presentation skills to do your own seminars and workshops

plus many other benefits.

Our goal is to have fun and help you on your journey to be a world-class speaker!

Join us as our guest on Thursdays from 12-1:30 PM

What you will get out of this 1 hour:

  • Have a lot of fun and laughter
  • Meet new friends
  • Improve your mood for the rest of the day
  • Learn something new
  • Opportunity to share about yourself

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Join us Thursdays 12-1 PM in our new meeting location:
RE/Max Little Oak Realty
#101, 15955 Fraser Highway
Surrey, BC