How to Become the Go-To Financing Expert (Workshop)

Financing ExpertThis is an invitation to mortgage brokers to join us in this intimate workshop. It is only for the serious mortgage brokers that want to add a second source of revenue and not have to work harder.

Why pretend to know about commercial financing when you can learn about it and really KNOW the “Stuff”?  Stop pretending and invest in yourself, increase your value by increasing your knowledge.  Learn it well so you don’t lose face when you make unnecessary mistakes.  Not to mention waste precious time that you could have spent doing other deals.

The workshop will discuss:

  1. how to market yourself to gain commercial deals

  2. how to build relationships with commercial lenders and referral partners

  3. real case files that I have recently worked on and ones with other brokers

  4. detailed analysis of deals and how to present to potential lenders to get the loan approved

  5. how to have the clients be happy to pay for your broker fee, lender fee and legal/appraiser/environmental expenses

Recent success story:  A mortgage broker I have recently mentored just completed her first commercial deal and was paid $9,375! Something she would have referred to the bank previously and would have lost out on that opportunity.

Another broker is working on a $3M commercial loan with my assistance.  He got this deal just by suggesting to his realtor partner that if you come across clients that can pay 100% of purchase price, they should consider leveraging their money in this low interest environment (besides, everything is a write-off).  Wow!  It’s not easy money but why would you leave that money on the table when it should have been yours?

Come to this workshop and you will walk away with:

  • the ability to accept more business opportunities from several new referral sources than just realtors!

  • the ability to negotiate the interest rates and terms of the mortgage for your client. Can any residential broker say that?

  • knowledge of which lender is best to approach and TELL them how to structure the deal or even get them to help you structure that deal for an approval!

  • more confidence in knowing that you can get the deal done and get paid what you are truly worth!

Why be just another residential mortgage broker that justpretends to know how to do commercial financing? Waste time on impossible deals or losing face when the deal dies?

Your investment for this 3 hour workshop is $297.00.   What you will learn at this workshop will allow you to increase your income exponentially.   I am so confident that I will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the next 12 months.  Full details available at the workshop.

It’s time to invest in yourself and move yourself to the next level.  Why just be another ordinary residential mortgage broker when you can be the #1 Go-To Person for ALL the financing needs?

Event starts on May 23 at 10AM to 1PM.  Coffee and snacks will be provided.

Payments can be made at the door or make payments via Paypal on my coaching page:

Select Option 1 – $297.

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