Life Hacks: How to Optimize Your Life & Be More Efficient


As a busy professional mortgage broker, trainer, author and public speaker, time is a rare commodity for me.  Free time is a luxury.

I am always looking for new ways to leverage my time to be more productive or more efficient in doing things. Technology has helped made us less efficient (social media and emails) but every now and then, technology also provides us a way to reclaim our life back.

I have found some of these apps to be very useful and thought I would share it with you.  (Click the app name to get them)

Calendly is a life saver for me.  Einstein would have loved this scheduling web-based app that syncs with my personal calendar on my cellphone and Google Calendar.  I can send out link to my prospective clients or colleagues and they can book the time that is convenient for them (that I have allocated as available time/dates).  No need to ping-pong back and forth to find a common time to meet with me anymore, all you have to do is check Calendly.

Mighty Text – this great little app allows me to “text” to people from my computer and from ALL of my devices (tablet/pc/cellphone).  How cool is that?  For those that prefers the full keyboard (like me) to typing in the small little cell phone space, this is a game changer.  Get it here: Mighty Text

TRELLO – helps manage my To Do list effortlessly and I can have others be part of a group to tackle a project together. TRELLO

Xodo Docs is an amazing PDF app that can be used on ANY platform and device.  You can edit, sign docs with pen or finger on your phone, merge andprint from browser into PDF for FREE by a Vancouver, BC company! Love it! Xodo docs

DropBox is the most popular cloudbased file storage (has fastest access and most flexibility). Get 2GB of space + extra half GB space for each referrals including using this link: DropBox

Sync is cloudbased file storage similar to Dropbox/GoogleDrive (not as fast yet) but it is in legal compliance under Canadian laws (PIPEDA et al). Use this link to get extra bonus space on top of the Free amount given: Sync

Make PDF Smaller so you can email it to your friends, family or co-worker?  Ever get those email server bounce back reply for going over their limit? This is a nifty solution: Small PDF

WeTransfer is awesome for those times that your email attachments are over the acceptable limit that your recipient ‘s email server allows (usually 10MB).  I do a lot of commercial financing projects and those documents easily surpass the 10MB restrictions of most email servers.  Sending them in a dozen emails is aggravating. Well if you’re like me, now you can transfer up to 2GB for FREE withWeTransfer!

Square App for all small business to process credit cards with your cell phone! Use my referral to earn your first $1,000 in sales processed for free: Square App free processing details.

Duolingo – have you ever wanted to learn a new language but don’t ever seem to find the time to do it?  Now you can when you want to (on your cellphone).  Now you can learn a new word while in between appointments or waiting for paint to dry. Check it out! Duolingo

Another great source that I have used over the past years for jobs that I am not skilled at by using these service:

Fiverr – a great website that you can use to get a little bit of work or a lot of work done for you for a mere $5 dollars! Voice over, design logo, business card or translate documents etc.  Use this link to get your first gig for FREE: Fiverr

Upwork is the bigger brother for bigger jobs that require more complexity and longer timeline. Upwork

Got something useful or nifty tool that you’ve found to help reclaim our life back, let me know by posting a comment below.

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