Priceless Lessons Learned from #CecilTheLion and #WalterPalmer

Last few days have seen a titanic wave of attention on #CecilTheLion and #WalterPalmer all over social media and news outlets.  So Walter Palmer didn’t learn the lesson that Rebecca Francis (the Giraffe Hunting girl was handed not too many months ago.  Perhaps the media attention was what they may have been after.    The more attention the media gives these people, the more it would promote more of these acts of stupidity.

Just like little children that do not get enough attention from their parent, they do stupid things to get the parent’s attention.  For a kid, any attention is better than no attention.  These kids tend to grow up with a very different mindset in gaining attention.  Most do it in the wrong way like Rebecca Francis and now Walter Palmer.

However for this dentist, I believe the results were not what he was prepared for.  Yes, it was a tragic loss for the animal kingdom and humanity.  I am certain that the dentist has lost a lot more than he had bargained for.

Let’s not just mourn the loss of a great lion or the senseless act by this dentist.  Let’s take something away from all this loss and cowardly act.  Let’s learn from this event so that Cecil the lion’s death was not a meaningless death

What lesson can you learn from this tragic event you may ask?

For the dentist, here’s a few that most of you might recognize:

  • negative media attention is not good for business

  • keep your private hobby private

  • do not do anything that is against the values of your clients (even outside of your work)

  • associating death to your business is never good (unless you are in the funeral business)

  • publicity stunt may not turn out the way you think it would

Here’s what you can take away from #CecilTheLion:

  • if things are too good to be true, it might just turn out that way

  • being at the top doesn’t always mean you’ll remain at the top forever

  • always be vigilant when the going looks easy (nothing is as good as it seems)

  • nothing is as bad as it seems either…perhaps Cecil knowingly made the sacrifice and he has gone to a better place (even lions don’t live forever)

  • people can do great things by galvanizing for a common cause (against trophy hunting more than the giraffe hunting girl event)

I have learned a lot from just watching at the sideline as the media spin occurred around these two sad events.  How kind and cruel we all can be.  Even someone as mild mannered as your children’s dentist!  Who knew?

There is a lot to be learned as to how we have unwittingly been the pawns of the media.  Perhaps we are the cause of these types of cruelty.  Just like giving attention to that spoiled child that pulls a tantrum in public.  Let’s not give further grief and attention to these people and focus on how we can change the future from these sorts of acts from ever happening again.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Eldridge Cleaver:

What’s it going to be?

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