Lease and Rental Agreements

A good lease agreement is a crucial component of a great investment portfolio for investors.  Make sure the lease is a good lease.  How do you know if it is or not?  Have a professional with experience in drafting up these types of lease to review it for you.  Paying a small fee up front to prevent potentially large liabilities in the future is well worth the money.

The lease should be scrutinized for gaps and have it revised on condition prior to purchasing the property. Most often, this critical component tends to be overlooked until after the property is acquired.  At that time, it will be too late to force any changes to protect you as the new investor.  For the beginner or novice investor, this area may cause problems further down the road.  It can even create difficulties in receiving favourable financing.

Each province may have different rules and regulations that could affect the property and the future income of that property.  Ignorance of the law is not a legitimate reason before the court.  We can help you understand the differences and nuances of each geographic region.

Saving you money and future expenses is part of our job.
We have a team that can analyze the lease on the property and can offer expert advice which may save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expense or loss of future income.

We can offer the following service to assist you:

  • update the existing lease prior to possession of the property

  • re-negotiate new lease terms with the current tenant(s)

  • create a new lease prior to possession of the property

Every contract and agreement can be customized to your current situation and requirements of your property.  Contact us and we will have a lease specialist to assist you with crafting your contract to protect your interest.

Remember, you can either save now and pay for it much more later or pay now and save much more later.

For a nominal fee, these invaluable services can potentially save you many times the cost and you get to write it off as a business expense.

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