Incorporating Your Business

To incorporate or not to incorporate?  When should you do it and why should you?

Most small business owners start out their business as a sole proprietor or partnership.  Eventually when the business grows to a certain size where there are more incentives to incorporate, it is advisable to take the next step.

There are many good and bad reasons for incorporating.  My colleague Ken Davidson, an accountant in Kelowna, BC has written this great article about holding real estate inside a corporation.

The primary reason to incorporate is to reduce the personal liability in the event that an unfortunate incident occurs which involve your business or property.  A secondary reason is the tax saving and tax deferral on earned income inside the corporation.  You can discuss in details with your accountant.

The incorporation process is somewhat cumbersome and time consuming.  You can either hire an accountant, lawyer or try and do it yourself.

In British Columbia, you can attempt the process at the Corporate Registry.  It is a time consuming and somewhat stressful process for those not familiar with it.

You can retain our experienced commercial team who can have it done for you fast and efficiently.

It will be done correctly the first time and free up valuable time for you.  You can focus on what you do best,  taking care of your business.

We charge a nominal fee for the consultation and registration of your corporation. Contact us to get started. Start today by clicking here to email or call Sua Truong at (604)726-7878 today to assist you with your needs. I am the #1 mortgage broker in the Vietnamese community, allow me to be your #1 mortgage broker and business advisor!

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