The NEXT Commercial Financing SuperStars – Coming Soon to Your Neighbourhood!

Commercial Financing SuperstarsAnother labour of love is my 4 day course to teach Residential Mortgage Brokers the complexity of Commercial Financing.

Do you want to know how to be successful at Commercial Financing in a short period of time?  My Commercial Financing Mastery: Fast Track Program does just that!

Everything that you were afraid to ask or don’t know, all compressed into 4 days at my boot camp.

16 new students have completed their certification through my course: Commercial Financing Mastery: Fast Track Program


Here’s what a few recent graduates had to say about the training (short clips):

Joe Mendel

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Joe Mendel hails from Dreyer Mortgage Group.

Joe comes with 15 years’ experience in the mortgage industry so he already knows his stuff.

By adding commercial financing to his stable, he can confidently say to his clients that he can help them with all of their financing needs rather than just residential deals.

Now you know why he looks so confident and cool!  “Joe knows mortgages!  Period!”

Thank you Joe for being such a humble student and enrolling in my program to help your clients.

Hear what Joe Mendel had to say:

Toma Sojonky 2

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 Toma Sojonky hails from Verico Paragon Mortgage Group Inc.

Toma has a long history and expertise in the financing and development business for nearly 20 years.

Throughout those years, he had referred lucrative development business to the banks and lost out on all of those potential earnings.  Imagine how much money he would have made!

Toma understood the missed opportunities that was his for the taking and took action by enrolling in this course.

After completing this boot camp, he is now well positioned to monetize on all of those deals he left on the table in the past.

Toma, I salute you for being a humble student and look forward to seeing you dominate in your community!

 Hear what Toma Sojonky had to say:


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Amir Boutorabi hails from DLC Citywide Mortgage Services

Amir has been a mortgage broker for under 2 years and had already encountered several clients that had required commercial financing but didn’t know where to go to help his clients.  Somehow he came across my name and reached out to me.

In the brief few weeks that we connected, he had 3 different commercial files from people in his community.  We were able to get an approval on a residential property on the commercial side when his client was declined through the broker channel lenders.

He saw the opportunity and quickly enrolled in my course.

Amir is much more confident now and will be able to grow his business in the market with very few competitors.  He no longer have to settle for just competing for 1st home buyers.  That’s why the smile 😉

Hear what Amir Boutorabi had to say:

David Monteith

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David Monteith hails from MortgagesLab Financial Inc

David comes from the Credit Union in his past life but in the recent past, he was making a difference in peoples’ lives by working at the 911’s ECOM centre.  He was looking for something new that would have the same impact and incidentally bumped into me.  I met David at a Meetup group and suggested he take a look at what I do.  Long story short, he took the bait.

You can say this one is a biased review because I am directly mentoring him.  However, the numbers don’t lie.

In the 2 years that David has been a mortgage broker, nearly 45% of his earnings were derived from Commercial Financing deals and yet it only accounted for less than 25% of his mortgage business.

The number of residential clients make up more than 75% of his entire client base.  David definitely understood the opportunity and he is on track to doubling his income this year with Commercial Financing.

Hear what David Monteith had to say:

Here’s a recent success story from one of my student:

Robert KleinRobert Klein:

Letting you all know through Sua’s training, we just got a $3.8 million dollar residential property approved, and the applicant was a corporation and not a person.  

This would’ve never happened on the residential side.”


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Amir, Toma, David, Joe and Robert are among one of the finest mortgage brokers I have ever met and I look forward to mentoring them so that they can achieve greater success in helping their clients.

It doesn’t stop here.  I am always accessible to my past students. 

We have a community page on Facebook and have a monthly Master Mind meeting to continue to sharpen our tools and expertise. 

I look forward to working with you all in the future!

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