#1 Real Estate Investment Club

Join the the #1 Real Estate Investment Club in the Lower Mainland! Learn about investing the right way by building relationship to create a supportive team.

Are you someone who understands the potential of real estate as an investment but you need more information about what to do, or more importantly what not to do?

Maybe you have tried some other real estate clubs but found them to be:

• Too ‘high-level’
• Full of sales pitches
• Too expensive
• Unfriendly to new investors

We think we have seen all of this and so wanted to provide an alternative Meetup group that is fun, inexpensive and full of structured education in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

For each month we will discuss a new topic.  Everything from choosing a strategy to financing, building your real estate team to managing a property.  Don’t worry if you miss one month – we will try to make them all as independent as possible!

Testimonials from attendees:

“I learned more about Investing in Commercial Real Estate listening to Sua in one night than I did in all of the Real Estate Agent Training I have taken.  I will be incorporating his suggestions into my investing portfolio going forward. His one specific assignment technique will make you a fortune if implemented consistently. And yes you can do Commercial Real Estate for No Money Down too!  I highly recommend you attend any future talks that he is giving” – Thane Lanz, Realtor at Sutton Group West

Coast Realty.“ I liked the energy of the group that was there today and am looking forward to attend more meet up events with Synergy! ” — Adria Brotzel, Interior Designer at Hollam Design Inc.

“ Fantastic organizers who care about helping, sharing and educating investors. Really good group of people mixed with new investors to people doing deals to professionals who can help investors doing deals. ” – Julie Broad, Author of More Than Just Cashflow.

“ This is the best club I have attended ” — David Beckett, Investor

“ SynergyREN is a great club. I always have fun and learn tons of new things every time I attend the meetings.. ” – Lomash Regmi,  Real Estate Investor

“ Nicely done, good presentation, open discussion proved fruitful and have some possible JV’s to pursue. Thanks guys! ” – Barry Chisholm. Investor

“ Impressive. It was my first time and found I wasn’t lured there for an info session and then given a sales pitch. I was given the info that was stated. ” — Marion Baker, Investor

Overall, we are here to network, have fun, provide some education and guidance to people who are thinking of getting into real estate investing, particularly in our local markets (yes, you can make money in real estate in the Lower Mainland!). We will also discuss investments in the USA and out of province.  Please don’t attend this meeting if you are just coming to pitch your deals or business – that is not what we are aiming for.

If you want to learn a little more about ethical, simple and rewarding real estate investing – we would love to meet you!  We promise that the value you receive will be worth many times more than the money and time you invest with us.  It will be educational and entertaining!  Whoever said investing can’t be fun and profitable have not attended our group yet!

We strongly believe that you can have everything in life that you want as long as you help others get what they want!  This is the fastest growing real estate club in the lower mainland and with your help, it will be the #1 Real Estate Club in the Fraser Valley!  We can only achieve this goal by helping our members achieve their goal of creating wealth in real estate.  We are looking forward to helping you create a positive experience on your journey to building your real estate empire!

We believe that you CAN achieve all of this by building great relationships with good people!

We have big exciting workshops that will be of huge benefits to every member.  We will show you ways to put money into your pocket without spending a dollar plus many other amazing workshops that will give you massive push to move forward in your real estate investment plans.  We will bring in people who have made it happen and share their experience.

Learn how to actively invest in passive income generating properties today!

We currently have chapters in Surrey, Langley and Burnaby.  Keep an eye out as we are expanding.

We are looking to open up new chapters in your neighborhood.  Are you interested in helping us open a new chapter in North Vancouver, Vancouver, Richmond, Coquitlam, or Maple Ridge?  Connect with myself or other organizers of the club to explore this opportunity!


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