Why did I create this workshop?

I am a big believer that a broker is the best choice that the consumer could possibly have in helping people with their financing. However, with so much information available to the public in regards to residential mortgages,

I saw that a Mortgage Broker’s job was losing it’s value. In my humble opinion, if you’re only doing residential financing, you’re just a glorified application taker for the lenders. We tell our clients that we can negotiate for them but in reality we are pawns to the lenders’ products or guidelines.

Take it or leave it. The secret is out, Residential Mortgage Brokers do not actually have the power to negotiate the rates! Buying down rate is not the same. You don’t have to agree with me but think about it. We’re just pawns in this game. I strongly believe that price is an issue only in the absence of value.

Learn to create value! What better way to create value than filling an untapped need?

Why You Need to Enroll?

Money Bag

You will be paid 2 to 3 times more and your client will no longer be at the mercy of the bank.


You will feel empowered because you can negotiate terms, rates and conditions on commercial deals – unlike residential.

Project Manager

You will become a well-rounded Go-To Expert in Financing instead of only being a glorified residential mortgage application taker.

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  • Access to my Real Estate Networking group and Roadmap to build your own center of influence (value: $2,500)
  • Access to all of my templates and agreements. They are easily customizable and can be adapted for your use (value: $2,500)
  • Access to my personal black book list of lender contacts (value: $5,000)
  • Access to the monthly Commercial Financing Mastermind (value: $6,000)
  • Access to me personally for ongoing mentorship for the following 6 months (value: $20,000)

What my recent students had to say

Thank you very much for such an excellent service, we are very happy with the rate you got for us, you are fast and knowledgable. I would recommend Sua to anyone looking for mortgage ,he is very helpful!

Tanya D

I wouldn’t know what to do without Sua’s help. He is very experienced in what he does, he was so patient, caring, and helpful through out my whole complicated ordeal. Thank you very much for such an excellent service.

Christine Luu

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, solid communication and so very helpful. I wouldn’t have been sane after getting my first mortgage if I’d had to do it on my own! Sua saved me!

Lorna Appleby

Leave it to Sua Truong and he will find the lowest rates available. I highly recommend Sua to anyone looking for a mortgage. Thank you for your Excellent Service and I look forward to working with you again.

Diem & Ton

Excellent & Professional Service! Was very pleased with your professional help with mortgage and commercial lending strategy. Couldn’t believe how much INTEREST you saved us compared to the banks! Wish we found you sooner but still better then sticking with our old financial institution! I HIGHLY recommend Sua Truong to anyone who is looking for a loan as he will look for the LOWEST RATES out there for you and not give you the run around. Thanks Sua!

S. Vong

Sua Truong is a REAL Professional! We recommend Sua because he makes time for our clients and his results speak for themselves. We trust Sua to bring the best – the best rates, the best terms and the best care. We are confident Sua can arrange financing even in the most difficult situations with the aplomb of a Real Professional. We always look forward to our next meeting! All the best to you.

Penny and Garrett, Realtors - Sutton Group West Coast

Sua has combined my two mortgages that I had a hard time paying each month into one mortgage. Now I am paying less than half each month! I am less stressed out now. Thank you.

L. Nguyen

I learned more about Investing in Commercial Real Estate listening to Sua in one night than I did in all of the Real Estate Agent Training I have taken. I will be incorporating his suggestions into my investing portfolio going forward. His one specific assignment technique will make you a fortune if implemented consistently... I highly recommend you attend any future talks that he is giving.

Thane Lanz, Licensed Realtor at Sutton Group

Few words from recent attendees

Toma Sojonky Toma Sojonky
20 years veteran
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Amir Boutorabi Amir Boutorabi
Ist year broker
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Joe Mendel Joe Mendel
15 years veteran
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Here’s what some of my students had to say about the Commercial Financing Fast Track program

Sau Truong

Who is Sua Truong?

I am the son of an immigrant refugee that fled Vietnam in 1980 when the Communists took over the South. We lost everything when we fled to Thailand. Our family lived in a refugee camp for nearly a year until fate smiled upon us and a Christian family sponsored us to start a new life in Canada. My father worked long hours to make ends meet. His work ethic inspired me to what I do today. Work hard, work smart and focus on making a difference in other people’s lives.

Although my interest was originally in computer technology, I discovered that my passion was to help people. I take great joy and feel on purpose when I can make a difference!

When I unfortunately fell victim to the Eron Mortgage scandal, I decided to take things into my own hands and made a career change from the computer industry to financial services. I wanted to learn everything that I could in this industry so that neither I nor my loved ones would ever become a victim again.

I became a mortgage broker in the fall of 2010. At that time there were 20+ Mortgage Brokers serving a very small community that I was a part of. However, within four short years of winning over many clients and colleagues in the community, I became the #1 mortgage broker there.

Now I mentor and train other mortgage brokers at MortgagesLab Financial on a weekly basis to help them achieve the success I have. I help inspire and mentor potential leaders at MoneyMasters Toastmasters (Past President). I organize and teach at Synergy Real Estate Network, the largest Real Estate Investment.

Not satisfied with sharing my knowledge in one-on-one coaching sessions and small groups, I have also published two books, sharing my knowledge and my successes. The first was published in 2015, “Confessions of a Bank Financier“. The second was a co-authored book with Brian Tracy titled “Uncommon – Common Sense but Uncommon Knowledge…”

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  • Club in the Fraser Valley & Metro Vancouver (3 chapters and growing)
  • Article contributor to local community newspaper & Linked-in Pulse
  • Train other professionals at the Re/Max Little Oak Real Estate office
  • Financing Expert guest on Fairchild Radio Vancouver
  • Speaker on I Love Mortgage Brokering Podcast by Scott Peckford

Are you ready to massively grow your business?

The full price for the course is $4,997 but you can book your seat for just $99
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100% Money-Back Gaurantee

Training Date: Oct / 15-16 / 2016 Venue: 8501-162 Street, Surrey, BC

I guarantee that by taking this course, you’ll understand the world of commercial financing and have more opportunities to earn a fantastic living than ever before. I can’t guarantee you the exact success of my other students (up to $20,000 earned on the first deal). I’d be suspicious of anyone who could promise that. This is a challenging process and your attitude and perseverance will dictate your results. You still have to do the work. If you’re not amazed at the quality of this training, I’ll refund 100% of your money. I personally developed this training and I take responsibility for it.