• Most People Have the Wrong Types of HELOC and They Don't Know It

    Most people have a HELOC that may be causing them to lose opportunities, costing them time or money and are oblivious to it. So, you have a house with equity and you want to access that equity. The best thing that you can do is to get a home-equity line of credit (HELOC). Although you can receive conventional financing up to 80% of the property's value (currently in Canada), the HELOC portion limit is limited to 65% of the value of the property. Yes, you can only access up to 65% as a credit line portion of your entire mortgage.

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  • The NEXT Commercial Financing SuperStars - Coming Soon to Your Neighbourhood!

    Another labour of love is my 4 day course to teach Residential Mortgage Brokers the complexity of Commercial Financing. Do you want to know how to be successful at Commercial Financing in a short period of time? My Commercial Financing Mastery: Fast Track Program does just that! Everything that you were afraid to ask or don't know, all compressed into 4 days at my boot camp. 16 new students have completed their certification through my course: Commercial Financing Mastery: Fast Track Program   Here's what a few recent graduates had to say about the training (short clips): Click photo to

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  • Life Hacks: How to Optimize Your Life & Be More Efficient

    As a busy professional mortgage broker, trainer, author and public speaker, time is a rare commodity for me. Free time is a luxury. I am always looking for new ways to leverage my time to be more productive or more efficient in doing things. Technology has helped made us less efficient (social media and emails) but every now and then, technology also provides us a way to reclaim our life back. I have found some of these apps to be very useful and thought I would share it with you. (Click the app name to get them) Calendly is a

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  • 5 Simple Strategies to Become a Rockstar in Commercial Financing

    Sure, commercial financing is a great gig. You get “rockstar” status from industry peers and you make a lot more money. Fantastic! Let’s jump right in why don’t we? Woah horsey! Hit that PAUSE button for a second. Why? Let's take a breather and give me a few seconds to explain. Whenever I meet a mortgage specialist (or advisor/broker) and tell them about my success in commercial financing and the amazing stuffs that I've done, I can see their eyes light up. Right away, I can sense that that they're considering giving this "gig" a shot. These advisors will think

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  • Top 10 Commercial Financing Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

    For most business borrowers, the use of inexperienced business finance advisors or just any mortgage broker that happens to "dabble" in commercial financing will be a mistake that can potentially have enormous consequences. It is my hope that you do not make any of the mistakes (from the following list below) that some business owners and real estate investors have made in the past. Most of these have been painfully shared to me by my past clients and others from my Synergy Real Estate Investment Club members. #1 - Going straight to a familiar lender also known as "my bank" Yes,

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