My Story

Sua smile 2I  was fortunate enough to grow up in an entrepreneurial oriented family.  Just like my father, I had acquired the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age.  I learned what hard work was and worked hard at whatever business I was involved.  I had successful business ventures in the commercial fishing industry, construction trades, restaurant business and eventually in the financial services industry.

My passion has always been about helping people.  I do this through various vehicles:

– At MortgagesLab Financial, I mentor and train residential and commercial mortgage brokers to be more competent in our crafts.
– In MoneyMasters Toastmasters (2014 President ), I help inspire and mentor new leaders by building their confidence through public speaking.
– At Synergy Real Estate Investment Network, I help investors create passive income.  Our club is the fastest growing R/E club in the area.  Join us at the next Meetup.

I feel on purpose doing what I do today.  Helping people has always been the biggest motivating factor for me.  You can say I am intrinsically motivated.  I love to help people and make a difference in their life.

In less than 5 years as a mortgage broker, I have become the #1 mortgage broker in the Vietnamese  community.  I grew my business by nearly fourfold at a time when many people were leaving or consider leaving the industry.  I am grateful that I have done so well when most of my colleague have experienced a downturn in the industry.  I am eternally grateful for my clients, friends and family whom have supported me all these years.  Without them I would not be where I am today.

I believe a big part of my success has been how I do business and my clients can see that I have similar values as them.  I share them my story and genuinely treat my clients as if they were a member of my family.  I have always aimed to go above and beyond my “job title”.   My clients know why I do what I do.  Knowing what I stand for has allowed me to attract the best clients anyone would be envious of!

By being selective with whom I work with, I am able to work around my family time and truly dedicate my life to the most important people in my life.  Many of my clients have become great friends and even consider them as family.

I truly believes that I can have everything in life that I want, just as long as I help enough people get what they want first!

Thank you Zig Ziglar!

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